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About Hiroki Industry Co., Ltd

We are the sough-after metal processing company in Japan, having been cultivating our own skill-sets, technology since our establishment of 1965.

By our distinctive original craft-men’s capabilities, with variety of state of the art machines, We are evaluated from various industries, doing wide array of business with plenty of partners.

It would be greatly appreciated having new opportunities to collaborate with global partners.

Interview Comments by CEO, Yasuhiro Masuda

Why were you inspired to create Rakusashi-kun( Automatic Skewering Machine)?

I always think that we want to, or have to, contribute to people, society by our more than 50 years cultivated professional skill-sets of metal processing with our talented craftsmen.

About 6 years ago, some of my friends owning Yakitori Restaurants, asked me the exact same thing, ""Can you create an automatic skewing machine enabling us to minimize the burden of our workers/chefs, with increasing productivity?""

I was wondering, but I wanted to help people, so decided to start up developing. It was seriously difficult challenge. But I paved the following basic concept of this automatic skewing machine:

1st = Easy to use by everyone, regardless of experiences, 2nd = Reliable Safety, 3rd = Drastic Improvements of Productivity, and 4th = Reasonable Prices.

It took more than 1.5 years process of experiment & development, we finally could create this “Rakusashi-kun”.

After releasing this machine, we have been selling more than 550 units in past 4 years, even though we don't do any promotion. But through words of mouth, from people to people, Gradually, but surely awareness of our "Rakusashi-kun" has been penetrated into Japanese market.

I think, as one of major reason why this "Rakusashi-kun" has been evaluated in such short periods, It is that we can realize drastic improvements for their productivities, by our reliable quality upon our professional skills, in addition to our enthusiastic motivation for contributing to society.

You have vison of your business?

“Kusisasi" in Japanese means “”Skewering””, but having another meaning “”Bonding Together!””.

Therefore, we want to be the sort of Diplomatic Ambassador and Hub, not only selling this “Rakusashi-kun”, but expanding the awareness of Kawasaki, other collaborative partners, and enlarging our community together!

Hiroki Industry co.,ltd CEO Yasuhiro Masuda

Born in Oota ward, Tokyo.

He has been succeeding from his father = founder of Hiroki Industry since 2000, initiating to transit their business model, from not only subcontract basis, but developing and lining up their own products by leveraging their cultivated unique skill-sets, experiences, technology of metal processing.

In addition to metal processing business : he has also been leading to diversify their business fields, especially into Eco related business, such; Outlet building materials, LED, others.

He is the acclaimed business leader in Kawasaki-city.


1965: Established as Masuda Seiko Co. in Oota-ward, Tokyo.

1978: Moved to Kawasaki-city, changed the name of company to Hiroki Industry Co., Ltd.

1982: Increased the stake to 5,000US$.

1994: Rebuilt and made the extension of 1st factory and HQ.

1995: Increased the stake to 10,000US$.

2000: Yasuhiro Yasuda assigned as CEO

2001: Set up Eco business preparation room

2002: Moved to HQ, enhancing the production capacity with new 2nd factory.

2005: Launched eco business as our new business development.

2006: Started selling our original invented and patented product "Automatic Skewering Machine = Rakusashi-kun".

2012: "Rakusashi-kun" selected as the authorized product by Kawasaki-city Manufacturing Award.

Kawasaki City

Kawasaki city located near the center of the metropolitan area, features good traffic access and a comfortable life environment, with 1,475,213 population, ranked 8th biggest city among Japan.

The city has global scale of Industrial area where lots of big companies have factories, facilities, not only manufactures, factories, currently AI, Medical, Technology companies have moved, because of convenient close location from Haneda Airport.*within couples years, bridge to be built from Haneda Airport directly to Kawasaki city.

In addition to various industries, there are variety of entertainment, sports, facilities, such: Doraemon Author’s museum, strong soccer team “Kawasaki Frontale”, popular firework festivals in Tamagawa river, more.

Athletics stadium "Todoroki"

Doraemon Author’s Museum

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Fireworks Festival

Halloween Parade